Tending to our heart & mind

Mindfulness practice helps us develop a clearer mind and access our heart intelligence. It also improves our relationship with ourselves, our lives, and others.

We offer mindfulness classes and practice groups for individuals and organizations, online classes, in-person classes (Singapore), as well as private consultations. Please check out Classes or Contact us for more information.


Went into this course with an open mind and found it well balanced with theoretical mindfulness teachings and guided meditation techniques. I would definitely recommend giving this course a try if you are new to meditation and mindfulness in general.


This course was structured, concise and thoughtfully planned. I particularly enjoyed the 'guided' meditation sessions helpful. Highly recommended for a positive start to a mindful journey.


The course is a good introduction to various aspects of mindfulness such as breathing techniques, accepting pain/suffering, and noticing joy. Content is well-paced with a balanced mix of both theoretical and practical sessions. The instructor is knowledgeable and genuinely shows enthusiasm in wanting to share more about the concept of awareness. Recommend!

Seow Wei